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Néstor Ferrando
Managing Director
We are a multidisciplinary
team highly qualified
Mercedes Isla

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MODERNIZATION IN OUR FACILITIES Two production plants equipped with the most modern and advanced technologies, design and computer-aided manufacturing systems.



FERGA S.A. is a pioneering family company affording designer solutions entailing the highest construction quality within the aluminium-framework and curtain-wall market. Conscious of ever-changing demands within the sector, our company has grown whilst adapting to new ways of “doing architecture”, and we are able to undertake the series of elements included within a building envelope, allowing for coordinated development and execution.

Ferga S.A. provides the engineering, manufacturing and installation services entailed in architectural envelopes, affording knowledge and extensive experience during all phases and in terms of project development, from the design stage up to its successful conclusion. We are able to achieve this as a result of our multidisciplinary technical team, who boast comprehensive training in order to provide quality, functionality and service, thereby affording comprehensive solutions for façades featuring our own systems or systems produced by the leading brands within the sector at international level.


Commitment, ethics and responsibility when undertaking each project, whether large-scale or more modest in size.


Excellence within architectural envelopes produced from aluminium, glass and new materials that may arise as a result of innovations within our sector.


  • Quality: we strive for excellence.
  • Integrity and transparency with our clients, our personnel and our collaborators.
  • Conscientious customer care, allowing us to surpass their expectations.
  • Exemplary behaviour, with both employees and clients.
  • Teams that are highly motivated and committed to the company’s values.
  • Productivity, helping us to remain an efficient company.